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Vinita Khanna   |   Sifter of Dust        4th July -28th July   2007

Vinita Khanna Hassard has been working as an artist for the past twenty years but only recently has begun exhibiting her work. She began successfully showing her work in the eighties when she was living in Switzerland but it was not until after her masters degree at Goldsmiths College in London that she considered re-launching her career as an artist.
Vinita's sculptures and installations refer to nature, although composed of man made materials, industrially produced and often discarded. Materials which are created for their functionality and used domestically are used to produce this series of work. The functional objects here becomes, when manipulated, fictional and often totally contradictory to its original nature. In transforming these objects into 'images', with a degree of representational power, questions on how we perceive materiality and what shapes our perception are explored.
These objects and installations are made with materials such as foam rubber, plastics, wires, and other everyday packaging materials. The pieces all represent landscapes or elements of nature. Ordinary electric wire under an unremarkable cladding creates the effect of a watery space. The suffocating foam becomes an illusion of the vast openness of space; the dense and unbreakable plastic is transformed into a substance that is liquefied and impossible to hold. This is a domestic dreaming which is made possible by simple alterations of the materials cluttering our everyday reality.
Vinita is concerned with the possibilities that are available through the physical, that is, the latent power of matter. If there is something within matter itself which permits this recognition to take place and where does human perception really transpire are some of the themes explored in this work.