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Hiang Kee   |   Breaking Away      26th September – 13th October     2007      

The work of the London-based Chinese artist Hiang Kee is characterised by a remarkably individual fusion of Eastern and Western artistic approaches to painting.  Oriental calligraphic forms come naturally to her, and she has freely adapted the batik method of painting on silk to her own imaginative purposes. At the same time she has a close awareness of European and American expressive free abstraction

Living in Notting Hill, but with deep personal and cultural attachments to Asia, where she spends time each year, it is perhaps inevitable that a creative tension informs her painting: from that dynamic emerges the elegance - and eloquence - of a finely held aesthetic poise.

Hiang Kee completed her masters at the Royal College of Art in 1977 and this would be her first solo exhibition. She has worked with the British Museum as a researcher for the forthcoming exhibition programme from ASEMUS (Asia Europe Museums) and is a partner at Redstone Press, the acclaimed independent publishing house founded by her husband Julian Rothenstein. They have two children.

B R U S H S T R O K E  I    © 2007 Hiang Kee   36x60in